Assessment of Conformity in High Voltage Testing

International Cooperation

EURAMET meeting of high voltage metrology experts

The European Association of National Metrology Institutes (EURAMET) has held meetings for high voltage metrology experts of the national measuring research laboratories with the high voltage standard every year since 2008.
JHILL has maintained and operated the national standard class impulse voltage measuring system in Japan. EURAMET highly evaluates this activity and JHILL has been invited to the EURAMET meeting of high voltage metrology experts every year since the 1st conference. Among the participants, JHILL is the only organization that is not a national laboratory.

CIGRE (International Council on Large Electric Systems)

CIGRE is one of the leading worldwide organizations on electric power systems founded in 1921. It is deeply related with the activity of the groups that concern the international standard such as IEC.
JHILL participates in a working group concerning high voltage tests every year, and the WG is related to the IEC standard closely, too.

ISH (International Symposium on High Voltage Engineering)

ISH is the most authorized international conference in the field of high voltage engineering and has been held every two years. JHILL has presented the investigation results on the national standard measuring system in Japan at ISH from the first stage of the development of the system.