JEMA's Activities for Standardization

Together with development and operation of the JEMA standards (JEM), JEMA also takes part in deliberation on and development of Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS), standards of other organizations, and international standards (IEC, ISO) to contribute to improving electrical machinery in terms of both quality and technologies.

Standardization is a strategy that is becoming more and more important in doing business globally. For this reason, we are advancing standardization activities with goals that include developing and revising domestic and international standards concerning the electrical machinery business, as we aim both to bring Japanese standards into line with international standards and to realize international standards that incorporate Japanese technologies. In our international standardization activities, we strive to ensure that the views of Japan are reflected properly in development and revision of standards by standardization organizations such as the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC).

Amid advancing globalization, it is important that domestic standardization activities to align with international standards. For this reason, in our domestic standardization activities we are advancing efforts to ensure such conformity through summarizing the views of the industry, based on trends in international standardization, in deliberations on amendment of ministerial ordinances related to mandatory laws and regulations and participating actively in such deliberations.

Furthermore, efforts to strengthen our standardization activities include sharing of information on deliberations concerning standards in Japan and worldwide, training human resources to take part in international conferences, and enhancing support for activities such as holding international conferences in Japan.

Activities of conformity assessment play an important role in a variety of areas, including confirmation of safety through determining whether products comply with standards, transactions between companies, and consumers’ product choices, both in Japan and worldwide. In order to improve conformity assessment systems, we participate in activities to prepare standards as well as ascertaining trends in accreditation and certification standards and presenting the views of the electrical machinery industry to the Japanese government and domestic organizations involved in conformity assessment. We also strive to ensure that systems become firmly established and to improve their reliability by maintaining and improving laboratory accreditation and measurement standards, and continuing factory-automation (FA) network certification.