What's “JEMA MIB”?

JEMA-MIB is a MIB (Management Information Base) of UPS (Uninterruptible power systems) for SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), which is available FOR FREE.

Originally, “RFC 1628” has been established as a MIB of UPS for SNMP after UPS was recognized as a component in a network. However, RFC 1628 has inconvenience, such as small capacity lack of function, and vague definition, etc. To compensate such inconvenience, MIB has room to extend the function. Each supplier of UPS has been uniquely developed the function of MIB and UPS itself using the function. But eventually, it generated a difficulty connecting each UPS separately developed in a network.

To solve the above problems, JEMA-MIB has been developed under cooperation of major UPS manufacturers in Japan. Main purposes of development of JEMA-MIB are;

  • To offer a common platform in MIB which can be used through UPSs made by multiple Japanese manufacturers,
  • To offer defined interpretation of MIB,
  • To be able to handle UPS with the type of single-phase three wire and three-phase system, which cannot be achieved by RFC 1628.

JEMA-MIB has been offered great conveniences in network construction to users of UPSs made by Japanese major manufacturers.

Release of JEMA-MIB 2

JEMA-MIB 2 is an advanced JEMA-MIB, which has been developed in 2019 to reflect new demands raised in this 20 years. With only downloading JEMA-MIB 2, both JEMA-MIB and newly added function are available since it covers whole function of JEMA-MIB.

Download link of JEMA-MIB 2: