What is FL-net?

FL-net is an industrial-use open network built on Ethernet and common memory systems. FL-net Version 3 (Ver.3) has been established for device level networks in addition to controller level network of FL-net Version 2 (Ver.2). FL-net Ver.3 defines I/O devices mounted on FL-net Ver.2, and allows flattening of networks.

Easy configuration of multiple-vendor environment

■  31 companies support the open network developed in Japan.
■  FL-net has a solid track record as a multiple vendor controller systems.

User-friendly specifications and performances

■  Easy configuration of independent controller systems.
■  Easy configuration of real-time control systems.
■  Allow data exchange even when the applications of destination stations are unknown.

Establishment of standardization and certification systems

■  Certification is done based on conformity tests at certification facility in Japan.