Conformity Assessment of High Power Testing

International Cooperation


In the recent years, the economic activities have become borderless and the diversification of products have remarkably recognized. In these situations, accreditation of the testing laboratories according to ISO/IEC 17025 is now being steering in many countries. In the field of high power and high voltage test the testing laboratories are required to cooperate with the international frame work.
As international frame of the high power laboratories, STL, Short-Circuit Testing Liaison, has been organized. The basic aim of STL is the harmonized application of IEC and Regional Standards to the type testing of electrical power equipment. The formation of STL was realized in Europe in 1961. JSTC was established in 1988 as a committee in JEMA as Japanese representative organization to STL, and then, JSTC tried to work actively in the testing field to become a member of STL. As the result of the activities, JSTC became the first member of STL in Asia in 2001.
Management Committee and Technical Committee of STL are annually held respectively. JSTC delegates its representatives to attend the Committees every year. Furthermore, JSTC is steering the STL Shunt Project, which is conducting comparison tests between the reference shunt and high current shunts in high power laboratories in the world, in charge of the project in Asia and north America.


JSTC proposed that annual meeting should be organized among high power laboratories in China, India, Korea and Japan. In 2003, the first Asian Meeting of High Power Laboratories (AMHPL) was held in Japan.
Since then, AMHPL has been annually held in each member country.