Conformity Assessment of high power testing

The 62nd Short-Circuit Testing Liaison Technical Committee

The 62nd STL-TC hosted by JSTC was successfully held in Japan. Laboratory Tour (Toshiba Hamakawasaki High Voltage and High Power Testing Laboratory) was conducted by the attendees.

Date: 18 - 20, Nov. 2014

Venue: Tokyo and Kawasaki (Japan)

Intertek/ASTA(UK), CESI(Italy),  ESEF(France), KEMA(The Netherlands), KERI(South Korea), PEHLA(Germany), SATS(Norway,  Sweden), STLNA(USA, Canada), VEIKI-VNL(Hungary), JSTC(Japan)
CHPTL(China), ICMET(Romania), ZKU(Czech Republic)

37 Attendees

                   Attendees at the meeting

                     Laboratory Tour