Japan's Plan for the Deployment of New Energy

Outlook for the Deployment of New Energy (as primary energy supply)

From the Outlook for Long-term Energy Supply and Demand by the Energy Supply and Demand Subcommittee for the Advisory Committee on Natural Resources and Energy, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy (published in May 2008 and recalculated in August 2008)
(FY 2005: actual; FY2010: based on the strong policy scenario; FY2020/FY2030:based on the best deployment scenario)
*Other: solar thermal,biomass heat, waste-to-heat, black liquor/waste wood

Ratio to Total Primary Energy Supply

※ Renewable energy = new energy + hydroelectric power + thermal power, etc.

Outlook for System Generation Capacity

・Photovoltaic: Converted from the oil equivalent in the Projected Primary Energy based on a long-term supply/demand forecast
(10,000 kL = 43.2 million kWh; Operating ratio at 12%; 1 kW to 1,050 kWh in capacity)
・Wind power: RPS actual for FY 2005 and based on the NEDO Roadmap for the other years
・Fuel cells: Reference data by the Study Group for Strategies Toward the Practical Deployment of Fuel Cells (March 11, 2004)