New and Renewable Energy Systems

JEMA's Activities for New and Renewable Energy Systems

Opportunities are growing worldwide for further introduction of new and renewable energy sources, a development that is meaningful in various senses including global environmental preservation, energy security, and creation of new industries and employment. With our eyes on dynamic changes in the environment surrounding new and renewable energy sources, JEMA is carrying out efforts in areas including promoting the use of new and renewable energy sources, encouraging standardization, policy recommendations reflecting the combined views of our member companies, and addressing technological issues related to grid-interconnection involved in large-scale adoption of distributed power source systems.

In the fields of photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation, and fuel cells, we are striving to find solutions to issues related to promoting adoption of such energy sources and expansion of related businesses. At the same time, we also are working together with related organizations and other parties on projects to develop the infrastructure for adoption of such energy sources, including domestic and international standardization and development and promotion of certification systems.