Range of Products

Power and Industrial System Equipment

Boilers and turbines for power generation
Boilers, Steam turbines, Gas turbines, Water turbines, etc.
Motors and generators
AC generators, DC machines, AC motors, Servo motors, Small motors, Linear motors, etc.
Motor-driven devices
Electric tools, Electric hoists, Electric blowers, etc.
Stationary electrical machines
Transformers, Power conversion equipment power system, Inverters, Uninterruptible power supplies, Electric welders, Electric furnaces, Reactors, Condensers, Arresting equipment, etc.
Switchgears & switchgear control systems
Gas insulated switchgear, Metal-enclosed switchgear, Panel boards, Remote supervisory controllers, Low voltage switching devices and controllers, Programmable controllers, High voltage switches, Low voltage circuit breakers, High voltage circuit breakers, Protective relays, Electromagnetic clutches, etc.
550kV gas insulated swichgear High efficiency gas turbine Remote supervisory controller for electric power system control station High efficiency transformer Programmable controller Servo motor Inverter for general purpose Electric tools

New and Renewable Energy Generation System and Equipment

Photovoltaic systems, Wind turbine energy systems, Fuel cell power systems, etc

Wind turbine energy system Photovoltaic system Fuel cell system , Photovoltaic power conditioner

Nuclear Power Plant and Equipment

Nuclear power plants, Accelerator systems

Nuclear power plants

Home Electrical Appliances

Living environment and cooling/heating related equipment
Room air conditioners, Vacuum cleaners, Ventilating fans, Bathroom dryer fan, Fans, Air cleaners, Electric space heaters, Electric hot heating fans, Carpet-type heaters, Humidifiers, Water storage heaters, Toilet seats with washers or seat heats, Well pumps, Small pumps, Dehumidifiers, etc.
Kitchen devices
Refrigerators, Freezers, Microwave ovens, Rice cookers, IH cooking heaters, Combined juicers and blenders, Electric pots, Coffee makers, Toasters, Dishwashers, Bread machines, Home raw garbage processing equipment, etc.
Home laundry equipment
Washing machines, Clothes dryers, Irons, etc.
Electrical personal appliances
Shavers, Hair clippers, Massagers, Depilators, Electric toothbrushes, Hair dryers, etc.
Networked home appliances
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