Nuclear Power Plant Systems

JEMA’s Activities in the Field of Nuclear Power Plant Systems

Energy policy emphasizes the importance of achieving energy security, economic efficiency through globally competitive energy prices, and alignment with environmental policies, all based on safety as a prime concern (S+3E). Doing so requires proactive utilization of nuclear power, together with renewable energy and thermal power generation. The new Strategic Energy Plan approved by the Cabinet on April 11, 2014, states that “Nuclear power is an important base-load power source, contributing to stability of the energy supply-demand structure.” Furthermore, it notes the following: “judgment as to whether nuclear power plants meet the new regulatory requirements will be left to the Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) and in case that the NRA confirms the conformity of nuclear power plants with the new regulatory requirements, which are of the most stringent level in the world, Government of Japan (GOJ) will follow NRA’s judgment and will proceed with the restart of the nuclear power plants”. It is hoped that the urgent resumption of operations at numerous nuclear power plants will contribute to securing S+3E goals in Japan.

JEMA works toward further progress in nuclear power generation through various efforts, including the provision of advice and cooperation in matters relating to implementation of national policies and coordination with electric utilities, research institutions, and other organizations involved in nuclear power. For the purposes of maintenance and development of the industrial infrastructure for nuclear power in Japan, JEMA’s committees analyze information and gather opinions from across Japan and around the world, and also participate in discussions of governmental councils, actively offering their opinions on various topics. These include ensuring energy security, increasing facility utilization rates, making steady progress on reprocessing and interim storage of spent fuels, infrastructure-system exports at a national level, safe regulatory systems capable of serving as a global standard, technological development with an eye to the future, and promoting applications of radiation.