JEMA in Brief

What is JEMA ?

The Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association (JEMA) consists of major Japanese companies in the electrical industry including: power & industrial systems, home appliances and related industries. The products handled by JEMA cover a wide spectrum; from boilers and turbines for power generation to home electrical appliances.


“The Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association” (JEMA) was established in 1948. Next year JEMA merged and amalgamated “the Japanese Electric Machine Manufacturers' Association”, which was founded in 1940 operated for the purpose of improvement of products and standardization of technologies.
Subsequently in 1954, it became an incorporated association. JEMA has witnessed the postwar rebuilding of Japan, the high growth economy, and the bubble economy, and has been working continuously for the development of Japan's electrical machinery industry and in internationalization. In April 2011, JEMA became a general incorporated association to make a fresh start.


JEMA will contribute to sustainable global development through improvement and enhancement of social and living infrastructures by strengthening international competitiveness of Japanese electrical machinery equipment industry.

To realize our vision, JEMA will provide further development and problem solutions to Japanese electrical machinery by fulfilling our mission and role with the three key words, “Leadership”, “Innovation” and “Globalization”.

JEMA Vision