Main Activities


Planning and Promoting Measures and Policies for the Sustainable Development of the Electrical Machinery Industry

In the course of development of Japanese economic revival and the growth strategy to achieve the revival, JEMA contributes to the establishment of electric and social infrastructures, improvement and enhancement of industrial systems, and advancement of the national life. JEMA also extracts various issues and plans/promotes measures to improve the quality, technical capacity, and international competitiveness of heavy electrical machinery and home electrical appliances for the purpose of ensuring sustainable development of Japanese electrical machinery industry.

Providing Opinions and Making Policy Proposals for Various Government and Bureaucratic Measures and Policies

JEMA provides aggressive recommendations and policy proposals to the government and administrations on critical issues. These issues include establishment of energy- and environment-related policies, specific planning and implementation of the growth strategies, stable power supply while holding down the power rate, addressing the home electrical appliances related issues, such as the product safety, promotion of recycling of home electric appliances, promotion of the negotiation concerning TPP and other economic partnerships,and promotes of infrastructures and system exports and other administrative bodies. In addition, JEMA forward a tax reform request to the government, etc. every year to rejuvenate the economy and strengthen corporate competitiveness.

Promoting Awareness of Product Safety

JEMA endeavors to raise safety awareness of consumers, users, manufacturers and so on, ensure product safety and promote measures to prevent product-related accidents. Furthermore, JEMA also makes proposals and cooperates with the national systems related to product safety.

Statistical and Market Studies

Based on government production trends and foreign trade statistics and JEMA’s own statistical studies, JEMA compiles various types of statistics for the production, shipment, export/import, orders, etc. of heavy electrical machinery and white goods as well as for new and renewable energy and nuclear energy. JEMA also conducts a wide range of statistical and market survey works, such as domestic and overseas market trend studies, we also provides timely related information, etc.

Publicity Activities

JEMA is involved in a wide range of publicity and PR activities, including releasing various statistics such as the production, shipment and order statistics for electrical machinery, spreading knowledge about products and safety, disclosing information about energy and environmental problems, and announcing various business reports. We also discloses information about the conditions of Japan’s electrical machinery industry and JEMA-activities through the official publication “Denki”, various other publications and the JEMA web site. Furthermore, it tries to enhance the presence of Japan's electrical machinery industry through various lectures and seminars, and exhibitions.


Cooperating with and Supporting Technological R & D at the National Level

The electrical machinery industry of Japan has accumulated world-leading technologies while playing a critical role in stable energy supply, energy saving, and conservation of the global environment. JEMA is contributing to nation-level R & D activities, such as development of the integrated coal gasification fuel cell combined cycle, R & D for the next-generation wind generation technology, building the smart community, etc.
In fields of new and renewable energy, JEMA assesses performance and helps to improve environment that is open to technological development and expansion of technology through cooperation between government, industry and academia.

Promoting Stable Supply of Energy and its Advanced Use

JEMA contributes toward realizing a stable energy supply and a low-carbon society by promoting the development of world-leading state-of-the-art technologies and globally deploying safe and highly-efficient environmentally sound and reliable power supply systems.
When it comes to the energy demand side, JEMA endeavors to contribute to energy-saving by developing products with higher energy efficiency and to promote the energy controlling and optimizing systems, such as FEMS (Factory Energy Management System) and HEMS (Home Energy Management System).

Preserving the Global Environment

Regarding prevention of global warming, four electrical and electronic associations* have developed the “Action Plan for Commitment to a Low-Carbon Society” toward 2020 and have been implementing the plan since FY 2013. In addition, JEMA is engaged in issues related to the management of chemical substances contained in the products and the environmentally conscious design as well as promotion of the voluntary action plan concerning management of chemicals and waste reduction in the business places.
* Four electrical and electronics associations : JEMA, Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA), Communications and Information Network Association of Japan (CIAJ), Japan Business Machine and Information System Industries Association (JBMIA)

Securing and Developing Human Resources

While children are turning away from science subjects, JEMA is trying to raise their interest at educational institutions in order to cultivate human resources who will be the support and driving force of the future electrical machinery industry. More specifically, JEMA promotes the use of science class programs developed by ourselves and holds seminars for primary school teachers.
In addition, JEMA awards engineers who have challenged with enthusiasm and achieved superior results to help improve the technology in the electrical machinery industry. JEMA also tries to convey the attractiveness and prospects of the electrical machinery industry to university students majoring in science and engineering.

Holding the System Control Fair (SCF)

Jointly with the Nippon Electric Control Equipment Industries Association (NECA), JEMA holds Japan's largest FA specialized fair, the “System Control Fair”, every other year. This is to provide a place where the cutting edge technologies and information of the industry are brought together and a place to transmit information on the latest technologies and products to both in Japan and overseas. In addition, JEMA is recently helping to train young researchers by having displays and awards for research results by students.


Supporting development of overseas operations

In order to accommodate the huge demand for infrastructures of the world, JEMA supports the export of infrastructural systems through joint efforts of the public and private sectors. JEMA addresses the global expansion of superior Japanese technologies by providing support for the establishment of cooperative and trusting relationships with the parties concerned of counterpart countries and for the introduction of high value-added technologies of Japan.

Addressing Trade Issues

economic partnership agreements (FTA, EPA, TPP, etc.) and WTO trade agreements (ITA, environmental goods agreement negotiations, etc.) and petitions the government for appropriate action. At the same time, JEMA is engaged in tackling individual issues, such as the breaching of the WTO tariff concession rate, etc.

Promoting International Exchange

The Federation of Asian Electrical Manufacturers’ Associations (FAEMA) made up of heavy electrical industry organizations of six Asian and Pacific regions (Japan, China, R. Korea, Taiwan, India, and Australia) holds the meeting regularly. In addition, JEMA participates in the International Roundtable of Household Appliance Manufacturers Associations (IRHMA) of industrial associations dealing with home electrical appliances (Japan, Europe, US, China and Mexico). JEMA has also concluded a friendly cooperative agreement with heavy electrical and home electrical appliances industrial associations in China, R. Korea, Taiwan, and India, etc. to promote exchange. Through these international exchanges, JEMA exchanges information on common issues such as energy, global environment, international standardization and trade in order to increase mutual understanding.

Promoting International Standardization and Compliance Assessment Activities

In addition to establishing and maintaining the standards of the Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association (JEM), JEMA participates in the deliberation and formulation of other standards, such as the Japan Industrial Standards (JIS), standards of other organizations, and international standards (IEC, ISO), in order to contribute to the improvement of quality and technology of electrical machinery. Furthermore, in addition to making sure that Japan's opinions are taken into account in international standards, JEMA also promotes the creation and adoption of compliance assessment systems that are in accordance with international standards.