New Functions of FL-net Ver.3


FL-net Ver.3, which incorporates results of the recent user requirements survey, is designed to provide continuity of information with computer level and device level, and can be connected to other network at device level. Setting and monitoring can be performed from a general computer on the network.

Interconnection with upper-level systems and information systems Simultaneous TCP/IP communications are possible

  • Even more flexible information system application is possible, including connections to office automation equipment, the Internet, etc.
  • System solutions are now possible, integrated with ERP, MES, and other monitoring, information, and office automation systems.

Enhanced user convenience integrated setting / monitoring tools are offered

  • Communication setting, monitoring, and diagnosis are possible from a computer connected to the Ethernet, on all FL-net equipment and devices provided by all vendors.
  • The integrated setting tool is offered as software.
  • Setting is possible with a single user interface, thereby reducing setup errors and start-up time.

Interconnection at device level

  • A shared input-output from all stations can be installed on FL-net.
  • A multiple-master device level network, where devices of several vendors are interconnected, can be easily configured.
  • Management is possible without difficulties from HMIs, industrial-use computers and others, thereby reducing total system cost.