Features of FL-net

Features Device manufactures' merits End-users' merits
Flexible system configuration
  • 100Mbps and 10Mbps equipment and devices in the same network
  • Automatic joining/out-ring of a node (a station)
  • Repeaters, transceivers, HUB, etc. for Ethernet
High speed, large quantity data transmission
  • Support connection to device level and controller level
  • Support General-purpose Ethernet communication (TCP/IP, UDP/IP, etc.) in the same network
  • Implement UDP/IP-based FA link protocol (JIS B 3521, JEM 1479) by FA needs
  • High speed cyclic transmission: within 50ms at 2Kbit+2KW ((64bit+64W) x 32 stations)
  • Easy-to-use common memory technology acknowledged as a PLC network
  • 1,024 bytes data per transmission from a station
  • 1,024 bytes per frame for messaging service
Easy development of connected devices
1) Open specifications
2) Low development costs
  • Ethernet as physical layer, with available parts on the market
  • Available analyzers and testers on the market
Economic efficiency
  • Low-cost parts of Ethernet
  • Standardized circuit connection specifications to reduce development cost and time
  • Easy to obtain necessary parts such as cables, repeaters, transceivers and HUBs
  • Use of various supporting devices for Ethernet
High reliability
  • Master-less token system used at controller level
  • Excellent RAS functions
  • Enhanced performances by future technical development of Ethernet

Specifications of FL-net 

Specification items Specifications Remarks
Transmission media 10BASE-2, 5, T 100BASE-TX, FX Extend transmission distance by using repeaters, optical media converters, etc

Recommend 100 Mbps Ethernet switches
Physical layer IEEE 802.3
Topology Bus-type and star-type
Maximum connected stations 254 stations
Correspondence right control system Token passing No specific master station (controller level)
Guarantee delivery time for cyclic transmission
Communication station control system Master-less system
Protocol UDP/IP-based FA link protocol
Transmission services Cyclic transmission service 8Kbit+8Kword common memory at all stations Transmit the same message to all stations simultaneously (broadcasted) for cyclic transmission
Message transmission service 1:1 transmission/1:N transmission, up to 1,024 bytes Offer delivery confirmation for 1:1 transmission
Load measurement service Measure general-purpose communication loads
I/O definition setup service, solicitation service Used in flexible map mode
Transmission performance Refresh data of 2Kbit+2Kword of 32 stations in 50ms or less Target value for product development specifications
Compatibility with device level network Fixed map/ flexible map Two systems Vendor-dependent for implementation class
General-purpose communication superimposition Superimpose packet communications other than those of TCP/IP, UDP/IP, and other FA link protocols Use vacant band
Network settings Implement server functions for network setup parameters Centralized management of node settings